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To keep pace with The Times, sharing progress
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To keep pace with The Times, sharing progress

Chongqing, sichuan county dealers to our company to visit and learning

In order to further strengthen the contact with dealers in various provinces of micro, improve dealers plow machine maintenance technology, January 3, DaXian 18 wanzhou, such as at the county level to our dealers related theory and practice training, becoming the first batch of students in 2011.

The training three-day training content, mainly for: micro move part, do change no-till machine assembly and disassembly and troubleshooting; Specific include gasoline engine power, diesel engine power, walking box, gear type transmission box, LianTiaoShi transmission box etc disassembling and troubleshooting. Department officials say, the training with usual pay attention to student's beginning ability, micro tillage machine basic daily maintenance, working principle and common fault analysis and eliminate the training after the key, training to the graduation certificate.

On January 6, the distributor meeting this afternoon, Chen always to company 2010 achievements, and shall be the affirmation of our support dealer was thanked. She stressed that at the meeting in calabar tiger in the future will continue to adhere to the "convergence, innovative, progressive in the spirit of" customer service: do craftmanship at the same time, still will strengthen the link between with dealers and communication, strengthen the relevant personnel of technical training, ensure our service quality at the same time, reducing the company's human, material fee. With dealers in propaganda about increasing advertising says: 2011 yiu tiger company will in CCTV seven sets of, the China farm machinery market ", "agricultural machinery of mainstream media such as advertising, expand media influence. Farm machinery 360 nets opening, also can be in a more convenient and quick to information transfer to dealers, accomplish form the diversification of sales approach.

Chen total also said yao tiger in the analyses increased advertising company at the same time, it will unified boutique, booth style, strengthen enterprise image management; Dealers aspects, also can increase training quantity, increase training force, promote the company overall image.